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Shatsu Drivewear and Driving Academy would like to invite you to Sosnova Circuit in the Czech Republic for our first continetal European Toyota GT86, AE86 and Subaru BRZ meet called Enjoy86.

The event will be held on the 6th of August 2016 and will feature unlimited track time for any participant from dusk till dawn!
The racetrack will be open from 9.00 to 18.00.
Spraying water over the track will be available for drivers who want to practice sliding around until 14.00.

Professional coaching from Pro rally driver Martin Semerad and his colleagues from Driving Academy will be available all the time to anyone who wishes to perfect his driving skills.

Entry fee including unlimited track time is 60 Euros.

Please understand that this is a specific make event and track entry will be allowed only to said models. We will allow a small amount of exceptions should we find them relevant enough to the 86 model range but please accept that this is not a general public trackday.


Sosnova Circuit is a 1055 meters long technical racetrack some 80 kilometers north of Prague. It is a technical track featuring mainly second and third gear corners which are ideal for those who enjoy throwing their back end out. We have been personally driving on this track for almost ten years and we love it every time we visit.

The tracks surface is fairly slippery compared to other racetracks weve driven on so theres plenty of oversteer (and understeer) waiting for you! The track likes to eat up tires fairly quickly if youre planning to do full on drifting though so make sure you pack enough spare tires.